Vegetable growing

Vegetable crops include onions, potatoes, beets, peppers and cabbage. White and red potato varieties are equally represented in production.

Crop growing

When it comes to growing field crops, we focus on corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar beet, barley, sunflower and oilseed rape. We sell crop products such as soybeans, sunflowers and sugar beets to domestic processors. In addition, we sell corn to foreign buyers who are traditionally present in our market and in that way we generate significant business income from exports.

Storage and purchase

When it comes to our sales strategy, in addition to the primary production of vegetable crops, we have expanded our activities to the storage, packaging, distribution and export of vegetables to leading domestic and world retail chains. Furthermore, we provide services of purchase of corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, sunflowers and oilseed rape at five of our own purchase points: Despotovo, Pivnice, Ratkovo, Odžaci, Gajdobra, and three service points: Čonoplja, Riđica and Hrtkovci.


We have complete machinery and latest generation equipment, intended for basic tillage, pre-sowing treatment, combine harvesters, specialized machines for vegetable pick-up, and satellite-guided precision seeders. In addition to machinery intended for primary production, we also have machines for washing, cleaning and packaging of vegetables, as well as facilities for their storage.

High-quality products and services provided